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Your Police, Our Community
Your Police, Our Community
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City Manager makes recommendation regarding Reno Police Chief


At today’s Reno City Council meeting, Reno City Manager Andrew Clinger appointed Jason Soto as the Assistant Chief of the Reno Police Department. In this role, he will continue to serve as Acting Police Chief.

Soto was appointed Acting Police Chief on April 10, 2015.

“During his time leading the department, Jason has done a tremendous job of steering and leading the Reno Police Department during a time of transition,” Clinger says. “He is a local, and he has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Reno Police Department and our community.”

Clinger’s decision is predicated on appointing Soto as the permanent Police Chief, providing that Soto meets the current minimum qualifications by December 2017.

“It was never a question for me, or frankly for Jason, to change the minimum qualifications,” Clinger says. “It was always about selecting the best candidate for the job and someone who is familiar with our city and the Reno Police Department.”

Soto’s salary, $142,031.02, will remain at the Assistant Chief level. He will not receive any additional pay for the duties associated with the Acting Chief role. While Clinger assesses Soto’s performance, he has halted the Police Chief recruitment process. Council voted unanimously to uphold the City Manager’s request to suspend the national search.

“I thank the City Manager and City Council for the opportunity to continue to lead the Reno Police Department,” Soto says. “In today’s environment a community's respect for law enforcement isn't granted by the badge, but earned by our actions. That’s a responsibility I take seriously. We have been fortunate at RPD to have sworn and professional members who work hard every day to earn the respect of our community.”

Some of the accomplishments during Soto’s tenure as Acting Chief follow:

  • The Reno Police Department’s traffic division was reorganized to put more emphasis on pedestrian safety concerns while continuing to support special events.

  • Following a community-oriented policing model by focusing on promoting organizational strategies to support the use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively identify and address issues before they become larger incidents.

  • Maximizing resources and forming strong partnerships reflective of the Reno area’s diverse community. The Police Department is working regularly with community groups such as the NAACP, the ACLU, the Latino Chamber of Commerce, and faith-based organizations.

  • Intelligence-led policing is a priority of Soto’s. He is moving the Reno Police Department toward focusing on crime trends and using their crime analysis unit to anticipate and solve crimes with data. In addition, the pending release of the new myRPD app will help with data-driven investigating and give citizens another way to provide community input on police-related matters.

  • The Repeat Offender Program and Regional Crimes Suppression Unit are two more accomplishments that illustrate how the department has effectively worked with its public safety partners to regionalize programs and leverage resources to more effectively fight crime.

“Public safety, in particular community policing, remains a top priority of mine and our City Council, and I believe Jason will be the best person to work with me on these priorities,” Clinger adds.

News Release
City of Reno
Reno Police Department
(775) 334-3850
For Immediate Release

Santa Pub Crawl underage alcohol compliance operation results in seven citations


Members of the Regional Street Enforcement Team completed an underage alcohol compliance check during this weekend’s Santa Crawl. The operation was funded with federal grant funds secured by our non-profit partner; Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN).

During today’s operation one 18 year old, three 19 year old and two 20 year old volunteers, attempted to purchase alcohol at 46 different locations. The minor(s) were served alcohol or at six of these locations. At one other location the minor(s) were allowed entry into a bar/saloon serving alcohol. In each instance, the volunteers provided their actual state issued identification if they were asked for it, clearly identifying them as underage patrons. 

It is the goal of the Reno police department and JTNN to create a fun and safe environment for all ages, while ensuring only subjects who are over the age of 21 are served alcohol.

Bars that passed and did not sell alcohol to underage volunteers:

Abbey’s Hwy 40 – 424 East 4th Street

Studio on 4th – 432 East 4th Street

Shooter’s Saloon – 434 North Virginia Street

Louis Basque Corner – 301 East 4th Street

Lincoln Lounge – 306 East 4th Street

Davidson’s Distillery – 275 E. 4th Street

Silver Baron Bar – 407 North Virginia Street

Drinx Lounge – 407 North Virginia Street

Aura Ultra Lounge – 407 North Virginia Street

West 2nd Street Bar – 118 West 2nd Street

Tonic Lounge – 231 West 2nd Street

Thai Corner – 100 West 2nd Street

Sierra Tap House – 253 West 1st Street

Se7en Bar – 100 North Arlington Avenue

Sands Casino – 345 North Arlington Avenue

The Pipeline – 345 North Arlington Avenue

Red Rock Studio – 241 South Sierra Street

Pizanos Pizza – 95 North Sierra Street

Our Bar – 211 West 1st Street

Monolith Bar – 100 North Arlington

Java Vino – 246 West 1st Street

Imperial Bar – 150 North Arlington Avenue

5 Star Saloon – 132 West Street

3rd Street Bar – 125 West 3rd Street

1 up – 214 West Commercial Row

The Waterfall – 134 West 2nd Street

Doc Holidays – 120 East 2nd Street

Cal Neva (main bar) – 38 East 2nd Street

Cal Neva (cabaret bar) – 38 East 2nd Street

Little Nugget – 233 North Virginia Street

Siri’s Casino – 241 North Virginia Street

Shelter Bowl Bar and Grill – 111 North Virginia Street

Pizza Reno – 26 West 2nd Street

Ole Bridge Pub – 5 North Sierra Street

Zone 21 – 219 North Center Street

Sapphire Lounge – 219 North Center Street

Novi – 345 North Virginia Street

Centro Bar – 345 North Virginia Street

Whitney Peak – 255 North Virginia Street

Bars that sold alcohol to underage volunteers and were cited:

Stadium Bar – 345 North Virginia Street

Hussong’s Cantina – 407 North Virginia Street

Mellow Fellow - 300 East 2nd Street

El Cortez Lounge – 239 West 2nd Street

Singer Social Club – 219 West 2nd Street

Morris Burner Hotel – 400 East 4th Street

Bar / Saloon where door person allowed minor(s) entry and was cited:

Brew Brothers – 345 North Virginia Street

The criminal penalty for serving alcohol to a minor and allowing a minor into a bar/saloon are misdemeanors, with a pre-designated fine/bail of $500.00.

The Reno police department would like to thank the businesses who successfully passed the compliance operation for their diligence and ensuring underage minors were not served alcohol.

If applicable, SET and JTNN will meet with the failing business and discuss strategies to improve compliance through practices and equipment. SET's goal is to form a partnership with local businesses to increase compliance and prevent alcohol service to those under 21. 

The Regional Street Enforcement team is comprised of Detectives from the Reno Police Department the Sparks Police Department and the University of Nevada Police Department.   

Anyone having information relating to this crime or the suspect(s) should contact the Reno Police Department at 334-2115, Secret Witness at 322-4900, www.secretwitness.com, or text the tip to 847411 (TIP 411) keyword - SW